Here you will find all the January Camp information previously emailed to swimmers.
If you have any questions, please contact Ben at or Lowri at

Swim Camp:

The camp will be run by the BSC and is designed to set our swimmers up for success in their targeted meets through to April 2019 and will have a combination of endurance, technical, teamwork and fun. The camp is run under the BSC rules and regulations as well as the Stadium regulations and requirements – these need to be adhered to.

All attendees will sign in to say they have read and will abide by the SNZ Code of Conduct.

Most importantly the camp is for all our swimmers to get the most out of the week to achieve their specific goals there will need to be an awareness of teamwork, support, and conduct. This is a swim camp run by qualified swim coaches so please give them their space. If your are on the bleachers you are there as a passive on looker – the time to parent is once each session is complete.


The camp will be run by Roly Crighton assisted by Jenni Gane (am) and Marian (pm). This group are coaching so we also need to provide them the space to coach and the support. Regarding Jenni and her appointment as BSC coach this will allow her to be with our swimmers prior to Term 1 start and to understand their needs.


Please see attached HERE as this has changed after recent consultation with the coaches.
In Summary there is a Juniors and Seniors program – in short this is around the time spent in the pool along with Dry Land training – this is based around swim level and attention span. Roly will also assess on the first day as to whether your child is in the right group for their needs.
The schedule has been adjusted from the one previously sent out so as to maximise the benefit of the coaching to the swimmers This is a swim camp and not a school holiday program – so please be aware of the drop off and pick up times – and allow plenty of good rest for your swimmer between sessions.

Parent Help:

We will need some parent help with breakfasts please! Please contact Lowri ( or Linda ( if you can help. If all parents can do a day or two, that would be GREAT! Someone to man (or woman...) the BBQ a couple of mornings would be extra-ly appreciated :-)

 Camp Fees:





HOWEVER - with the change to the BSC coaching structure from Term 1 (as previously advised) if you take up your Stadium membership BEFORE the camp starts on January 7th, your camp fees will be reduced by $27, as BSC will no longer have to pay the Stadium entry fees on your behalf. This changes the Camp fees for some down to




  • (Note that any reduction in fees relates purely to how much BSC has to pay the Stadium for $3 entry fees twice a day - and therefore does not apply to contenders or monthly plan members)

Can these fees please be paid into the BSC account by Thursday, January 3rd. 
Please reference you surname and then a number (which denotes how many children you have paid for) we already have their names from the expression of interest email.List of Junior / Senior Swimmers below. NOTE - these might be rearranged after Day One of Camp.

JUNIOR SWIMMERS - Lachlan McNabb, Finn McNabb, Carys McNabb, Sarah Mitchell, Jessica Mitchell, Lilah Stallard, Rylie Plant, Maggie George-Harris, Chelsea Mandeno, Rhys Gjelstad, Milly Gjelstad, Hazel Glover, Eliza Glover, Zoe Adams, Matthew Hall, Andrew Hall, Sophie Kole

SENIOR SWIMMERS - Kyla Thorstensen, Joel Verran, Ollie Loza, Kaito Berry, Hana Berry, Oliver Mandeno, Hamish Timpson, Lexi Timpson, Molly Glover, Agost Radzik, Jack Bugler, George Glover, Caitlyn Gjelstad , Jack Love, Abby Coldwell, Zach Mitchell

 SNM Country and Town Jan 12th:

This is a key meet for those targeting SICT and Juniors in particular – cut off for entries is the 6th Jan. Enter as normal via the SNZ website. Please also let Lowri or Ben know if you are having difficulty getting your swimmer across to this meet. This meet is part of the camp and it is intended that all camp swimmers attend the SNM Country and Town meet at Hampden St.