Hello - and thank you for your interest in Blenheim Swimming Club. We have undergone a significant restructure as of January 2019, so please read this information carefully, as some things may have changed if you have made a previous inquiry.

For information on our structure, coaching and costs, please read the information below, and contact Lowri at Lowri.mcnabb@gmail.com with any questions.


Blenheim Swimming Club offers two distinct aspect to its membership:
BSC Membership and Swim Coaching.


Any swimmer may join the Blenheim Swimming Club and this will entitle them to be registered with Swimming New Zealand and join in competitive swim meets. These are held approximately ten times a year in Blenheim and there are various other meets in the Nelson region and beyond. We do have several members who enjoy racing at our meets, but do not train with our squads.

This currently costs $60 per year (2018/19 season), and entitles you to enter Club level meets in Blenheim AND Club level meets at any Swim Nelson Marlborough affiliated Club

This currently costs $120 per year (2018/19 season) end entitles you to swim at any meet in NZ you qualify for.  You will need a Competitive Membership to swim at the three regional Swim Nelson Marlborough meets held each year.

You must be a Blenheim Swimming Club member to access our swim coaching.


Blenheim Swimming Club employs an independent coach, Jenni Gane. Jenni is in charge of all our swimming coaching services and as a club, we also have a close relationship with the Swim School at Stadium 2000.

For a swimmer to join our coaching squads, they must have technical competency in all four strokes, as well as a sound knowledge of correct stroke turns and the ability to train for an hour long session.  All of these skills are usually mastered through swim school, and if your child is currently in the top 2 – 3 levels of Swim School in Blenheim and coping well with the 45-50 minutes lessons– they may well be ready to transition to our coaching.

We can arrange an assessment with our coach Jenni at one of our junior training sessions, and to arrange this, please contact Lowri McNabb at lowri.mcnabb@gmail.com. Please be aware that if your child is not currently enrolled in Swim School, Jenni may suggest they join for a couple of terms so they are up to speed with the skills mentioned above. Please be aware that even if your child is a good swimmer, they may be referred back to Swim School if they lack the technical competency required to join our training squads.


Swimmers may choose how many times they wish to swim per week (see below) and they then make monthly automatic payments to Blenheim Swimming Club accordingly. Swimmers must sign up for a minimum of two training sessions per week.

Payment is made year round and not per school term.

In addition to this, each swimmer takes a Stadium membership for $350 per year. This equates to about 2.4 pool entries per week and allows a swimmer unlimited access to the pool at any time. If you are only swimming twice a week, you may choose buy a concession card from the pool for entries at $3 per swim.

  • Twice weekly for $35 per month

  • Three times weekly for $50 per month

  • Four times weekly for $65 per month

  • Five times weekly for $80 per month

  • Six times weekly for $95 per month

  • Seven times weekly for $105 per month


Our current training times are as follows:


You may select which sessions you attend throughout the week but may not transfer sessions across weeks.

 For example, if you select four sessions - you may attend any 4 of the 7 sessions offered to seniors in a week, but if you only do three in a week - you are unable to transfer that and do five the next week.


We realize that this is a lot of information, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or to arrange a coach assessment at lowri.mcnabb@gmail.com.